Spinglish—the devious dialect of English used by professional spin doctors—is all around us. And the fact is, until you've mastered it, politicians and corporations (not to mention your colleagues and friends) will continue putting things over on you, and generally getting the better of you, every minute of ever day, without your even knowing it.

However, once you perfect the art of terminological inexactitude, you’ll be the one manipulating and one-upping everyone else!

Henry Beard and Christopher Cerf, authors of the New York Times semi-bestseller
The Official Politically Correct Dictionary and Handbook, have compiled this handy yet astonishingly comprehensive lexicon and translation guide—a fictionary, if you will—to help you succeed in business (or politics, sports, the arts, or life in general) without really lying! (Your results may vary.)

aesthetic procedure – face-lift

affirmative action – reverse discrimination

efficient use of space – overcrowding

embarking on a journey of self-discovery – unemployed

enhanced interrogation techniques – torture

entitlement reform – slashing benefits

genuine imitation leather – vinyl

hands-on mentoring – sexual relations with a junior employee

incomplete success – failure

incredibly intense conversation – copulation

involuntarily leisured – fired

tired and emotional – drunk

zero-tasking – doing nothing

Spinglish -- Job Titles

Gussy up your profession with a copy of SPINGLISH

Spinglish -- Relationships & Sex

Spin your indiscretions into some more palatable with "Spinglish"!


A definitive (and often hilarious) guide to affect-transformative truth-obfuscatory locutions (that is, euphemisms and other deceptive language).

—Steven Pinker, author of The Language Instinct and The Sense of Style

I never thought I'd say that a dictionary is a must-read, but Spinglish is a must-read. There, I've said it. It's also, brilliant, funny, sophisticated and subtle (although it made me laugh out loud).

—Victor S. Navasky

This statement is one hundred percent free of spin: Spinglish proves, once again, that Henry Beard and Christopher Cerf are two of the funniest people in the world.”

–Andy Borowitz

I only wish I had lived long enough to read this fine, fine book.

–George Orwell