Vitello Becomes a Businessman

Trade Paperback

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Vitello sets out to make a million pounds with the help of his friends Max and Harry, and the little squirt William. But what are the four businessmen going to sell? And does Vitello have a nose for business or just for trouble?

Vitello lives in a terraced house by a ring road with his mum, where the traffic is noisy and his friends are annoying. He’s had other adventures and been in other scrapes too.


"Full of quirky humour and an anarchic sense of fun that children will love" Booktrust

"Cool characters and some great, quirky illustrations help to make this new series incredibly appealing for boys" Sun


The boy on TV said, "I’ve always had a nose for business."
"Maybe I have too," said Vitello, and touched his nose.
"Ha!" said Mum. "I’ll just be happy if you don’t end up in the slammer!"
"What’s the slammer?" asked Vitello, thinking that sounded even more fun than business.
"You’ve got plenty of time to find out," said Mum.
At the end, the boy said, "You just have to buy low and sell high."
That’s good advice, thought Vitello.


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